Two bodies a single soul

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Two bodies a single soul

Rs. 899.00

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Relationship Advice - Two bodies a single soul
Two souls are inseparable they cannot exist without the other one. Love is the only thing that can separate them. So if you are with a single soul and he/she is not with you then that is exactly what it means. You are not with your soul, he/she is not with you and there is nothing between the two of you except for love. That's the reason why this

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design is popular in the world.
People who love each other always have this wish to find out whether they are together or not. So what better way to test their relationship than by getting this

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. They will know instantly whether they have a soul mate or not when they see one another wearing these

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. This is also a great way to express love to someone whom you think you're falling in love with.
Sometimes, when a couple of people love each other they find difficulty in believing that they belong to the same soul and they end up fighting. They say that two souls are like an echo and they keep reminding themselves of this saying even when they are separated. However, this is just a mind game that they play and they don't really know that they are not soul mates. In fact, they are not aware that they are not the same person. Two souls are different and they are not supposed to stay together if they don't want to.
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So how come two souls are supposed to stay with each other? Why can't one of them die? If the soul of one of the couple stays with his/her partner then obviously the other soul cannot die. But, it is said that once the soul of one of the couple gets to know that he/she is not alone then they might lose their desire for each other and the relationship will be over.
This is why it is very important for two souls to stay with each other, or at least one of them. This is because living together and being aware that they are not the same person will help them not to get separated again. People should really try to make love instead of getting married. Falling in love is much better than dying alone.
People should spend more time on their own and should not think that they are single any more because they have two bodies. People should try to find true love rather than wasting their time in pointless relationships. Falling in love with a person can be very fulfilling but people need to learn to be patient before they commit themselves. People should also respect themselves and be thankful to have two good bodies instead of worrying about losing one.