Can you speak your “Heart” without saying a single “Word”? Can you express your “Feelings” freely? Can you put forth any idea your “Mind” thinks of?

Well, now you can!with ‘Leoliy’

Expressing Feelings of Every Heart

We aren’t just brand that you wear on random days or daily

It is indeed the time for YOU to Speak YOUR Mind

Leoliy combines the finesse of the finest cotton fabric with the best-in-class printing technology and etch the echoes of your souls into a whole range of graphic novelty tees. Also, we do look out not to make YOUR “STYLE” pocket-heavy.

Don’t just label your love, with Leoliy, ‘Live it!

There can be a thousand ways to speak but the way through which Leoliy expresses your thoughts and feelings, while keeping a check on your comfort and style, NO ONE else can!

You can be a person showing up wearing a Leoliy t-shirt with one of the quirkiest tech industry slogan for giving equal opportunities at work or stating your funny thoughts and weekend opinions out loud.

Brand Introduction

The world is getting busier by day and people are left with so many unsaid feelings and emotions.

Some are extrovert or blunt, who can speak up for themselves but what about the rest of the people, who don’t just mark the majority but also are shy in expressing themselves? Someone had to look into that.

This was our driving force. Furthermore, working in the corporate culture, even we went through the same dilemma and that prompted us to become the VOICE of YOU.

We wanted to have a soul-bond with the brand before presenting it to the world. We already knew that our world revolves around our children. Yes! That abridged all the gaps and our kids, LEO and OLIVIA, gave us the motive to serve every wandering soul who is desperately trying to speak their hearts.

Since laying the foundation of Leoliy in 2019, we haven’t looked back and have continued to epitomize in the niche of delivering ultra-soft apparel of quality that competes with the crème de la crème. We’ve already said in our first words that it’s “YOUR” brand, and that’s what makes us stand-out amongst hundreds of competitors.

We believe, when a CUSTOMER becomes a FAMILY,
that’s when you deliver 100 percent, and an additional 10
or when we get to SPEAK through our brand on your BEHALF.

What LEOLIY means to us?

Being seasoned in establishing startups and establishing rising paths for enterprises, we were still missing something. Just like you miss the thought of going in middle of the road and yell your heartiest wishes out-loud. That itch was not subduing.

Bhai, wo jo chul hai na, kuch alag karne ki....
Usne sone na diya! Na unse rukne diya!

LEO and OLIVIA haven’t just given us a name, they have given us a beautiful motive of making millions of others “Alive” – by letting them speak through their clothes what they can’t speak to everyone.

The brand logo and the brand font too are perfect yin-yang to each other. One exudes the bravery of a lion and other the grace of feminism. Not everyone has the ability to create a GENDER NEUTRAL BRAND. But Leoliy has brought together the rainbows and the starry skies.

Our apparel brand is the way for every shy soul and introvert to express their thoughts and feelings; and a medium for every extrovert, bold and verbose one to mark their statement.

Our Mission

Since inception of Leoliy in 2019, we have kept our focus on customers for every single day. When we asked you the question about you being able to express your feelings; we asked the same questions to ourselves.

Quality Products and Customer Service are kept in the CENTER VIEW, While every single 100% combed cotton thread is weaved in specialized state-of-the-art mills, While every graphic and slogan is crafted and printed with the most-advanced printing technology, And, While we deliver every single product to each ‘special’ customer of ours.

If you ever notice a flaw in our material or any defect in the craftsmanship, just send us a picture and we'll send you a replacement right away, FREE OF ALL COSTS*.

Your one click can make you a part of our family. The Leoliy family.

    The Foundation that makes Leoliy

  • When it comes to Leoliy, it’s all ‘POSITIVITY’ that WE emanate and attract.
  • Leoliy soars high because in every product of ours, ‘CREATIVITY’ thrives.
  • Perfection in STYLE and Comfort in FASHION is the ‘forever agenda’ of our memoir.
  • ETHICS, INTEGRITY, ETHOS, and HONESTY epitomize our end-to-end services.
  • We don’t serve CUSTOMERS, we just add a new member to Leoliy family with every sale.

Bro! We are on the way to create a Family, JAHAN

Bin Bole, Sab Bole!!!

Yes, We’ve mastered the language that can speak it all for you, without you to utter a single word.

The Way How We Spin the Thread and Ink Our Fabric

Jaani, Ek baar nahi hazaar baar kahege,

we don’t sell products, we share feelings of minds alike”

And, this feeling is indescribable, so we have to think long, hard, and deep about how to succinctly convey it.

They say in the market that customer service is everything. What they don’t tell is the real secret – “Making a product with such great finesse and perfectly artistic eye that everyone just fall in love with it.” We, at Leoliy, do exactly this.

Our combed cotton t-shirts are super soft and will remind you of your favorite vintage items in your wardrobe. After printing, each item is cured under high heat to prevent fading and flaking. (More technical details are needed at this point.)

To put it simply, you can’t find better confluence of comfort and fashion that echoes the voice of your heat.