Tip and Tricks to Taking care of your printed cotton t-shirts

by Leo Oliy on August 31, 2020
taking care of your printed cotton t-shirts-Leoliy

How do you wash clothes with prints T-shirts on them? This might be one of the most asked questions from T-shirt Lover

We as a whole need our newly altered printed shirt to hold its shading and dynamic for as far as might be feasible. during this post, we'll go through a few, simple to follow tips to remain your printed shirts beautiful and dynamic for expanded and acquire the principal out of your buy.

Caring for your customized clothes properly is important for keeping them in tip-top condition, from the form to the print, the standard is within the care. There are infinite ways we will damage our prints without even realizing, whether it’s washing them – ironing them or something as simple as storing them within the wrong way. Disclaimer, you can't place full trust into care marks, some may lead you adrift. These names are regularly not planned in view of the print, accordingly can't be your garments care book of scriptures.

Some of these special measures are public knowledge like avoiding heat, turning the merchandise inside out, etc, however, some more specific printing techniques require a more specialized duty of care.
When you purchase something new, whether it’s a car, dog, plant, or a t-shirt, you would like to understand the way to take care of it. The people that skills to try to do this best are always the people you create the acquisition from, it is sensible, it’s what they live and breathe. So before, during, or after your purchase, confirm to urge yourself clued up, Leoliy style. the data you absolutely can’t live without is what printing technique was used and if the care labels are a loose guide or genuine reference for T-shirt care instructions.

Before you undergo any washing rituals together with your printed tees, hit the brakes and confirm they aren’t fresh from the press. Customized garments need a minimum of 24 hours to urge some r&r before you begin experimenting with them. Technical reason – you would like to let the ink cure and cling to the fabrics accordingly (without interruption). to see the print isn’t getting to dramatically clamp down the center or peel off, give the fabric a stretch within the printed area and confirm all stay intact. Additionally, give your fingers a run over the outskirt and check your print is impeccably moved to the T-shirt. Anyway, Leoliy consistently conveys printed articles of clothing effectively all-dry and rested in the wake of printing.

If you think that you ought to have the green light to urge washing, it’s time for an important color check. Splash touch water on the print and rub it with a white cloth to form sure no colors jump ship. If you’re getting residual coloring on the material there’s a reasonably high chance your colors might be close to run riot within the wash so you’ve saved yourself from potential t-shirt tragedy.

Always turn your shirts inside out when washing them. This is due to the extreme forces that occur when you close the lid and push the start button. By turning your shirts inside out, the interior of the shirt will take the brunt of the mechanical forces that can cause colors to fade and logos to crack. Happy Shopping

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Never assume t-shirts are all equivalent. Always check your care label, found on the within of the neck area either on a label or printed on the t-shirt itself. We at Allriot believe that there's a special place in hell for brands that use scratchy woven neck labels, so we print our wash instructions directly on our shirts. See, we’re always searching for you guys!

How do you wash clothes with prints Leoliy t-shirt


Turning your garment inside out before washing minimizes fade and screenprint damage. you've got chosen your statement t-shirt because you think in its message, so confirm it lasts. Fabric rubbing may be a quick thanks to creating pills, and printed items could crack and peel from an excessive amount of friction. Just imagine rubbing a bit of sandpaper on your skin. That’s how a t-shirt feels when it’s washed with denim and towels. Ouch!


Although 100% cotton t-shirts are usually pre-shrunk, they still tend to shrink a touch, particularly if washed and dried at hot temperatures. We suggest you wash your shirt at a cooler temperature (no very 30″C) to save the craftsmanship and limit shrinkage. Cold wash is correct, obviously. it'll get your garments clean and it's positively gentler on the material. There’s no good reason to use harsh cleaning products on your clothes. Use a stain remover on spots but attempt to stand back from bleach and other strong detergent products all at once.

How do you wash shirts-without ruining the lettering


Natural drying is where it’s at – your t-shirt will many thanks for it, as will the environment. High heat is perhaps the worst enemy of printed apparel (and most clothes). Technically, Allriot t-shirts are often tumble dried, but please remember this might quicken the aging process of your t-shirt. Please even be aware that prime heat shrinks cotton fibers. We recommend you hang it bent dry naturally instead, out of direct sunlight, and turned inside out. Line dried t-shirts smell better too.


Only ever iron your print if you actually, really must. And if you actually, really must, then iron inside-out on rock bottom possible setting, or place a dish towel over the image to guard it against smudging. you'll not always get to iron your t-shirt anyway. Some people don’t even bother. Just confirm you never overload the washer with too many items. this could prevent your clothes from beginning too crinkly.

Depending on the precise fabric of a T-Shirt, cotton is often more or less susceptible to wrinkles and creasing. However, by handling your T-Shirts correctly when taking them out of the washer, creasing is often minimized. And you'll give each garment a mild stretch or shake to urge them back to shape.

Take extra care around the neckline and shoulders: you ought to not stretch them an excessive amount of here as you don’t want the T-Shirt to lose shape. just in case your washer features a special setting that permits to ‘reduce creases’ – you'll use this to stop wrinkles. Reducing the spinning cycle of your washing program also helps to further reduce creasing but this suggests that your T-shirt is going to be a touch moister when beginning of the washer.

If a T-Shirt does need ironing, then it's best to ask the garment care label to know exactly what temperature setting is safe. The more dots you see on the iron symbol within the care label, the more heat you'll use. the right T-Shirt from Leoliy, for instance, are often ironed at medium heat (two dots). When ironing your T-Shirt, we recommend to iron on reverse and to use the steam function of your iron. Giving cotton fabrics some moisture before ironing will make its fibers smoother and therefore the garment will flatten more easily. And for a good better look, and a good more gentle treatment of your T-Shirt, we generally recommend a steamer rather than a standard iron.

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You really got to skills to scrub screen printed T-shirts before you begin taking care of them. If you’re really proactive in preserving your tee, soak it during a mixture of water and white vinegar pre-wash to stay those colors locked in situ.
Before going head-to-head with the large scary washer, confirm to show your garments inside out. this is often a two-second must-do trick that acts as a moment shield against the harshness of the machine and reduces chances of ink washout, fibrillation (broken print), and pilling (unwanted fuzzy balls). Keep the machine turned on a coffee heat for a brief wash for the absolute best results.
High temperatures and screen prints aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. this suggests cold washing when possible and when it’s time to rescue the one that you love tee from the machine, dry outside in trusty nature (inside out) to play it safe. Also, take extra care when ironing, keep a coffee heat and avoid direct iron on print contact in the least costs – failure to try to so will end during a print melting meltdown – be warned.


Direct To Garment (DTG) printing highlights a couple of rules of its own when it includes keeping it flawless. Other than washing it back to front are different contemplations while in transit to wash DTG printed T-shirts. When washing, endeavor to restrict the time your tee spends balancing call at the sudsy water. Try not to utilize a brush when washing, if the print comes into contact with a brush it's an ensured discount – be cautioned. Despite the fact that it'd be enticing, never crush out your DTG shirt, or toss it inside the dryer. hamper and discover someplace inside the shade (sun discounters) to hold it out then let nature do its thing.


Ideally, your T-Shirts should be stored folded and lying on a flat surface. Knitted fabrics (like the only Jersey Knit of the right T-Shirt) could stretch when hung for an extended time.
In case you actually like better to hang your T-Shirts, use wide hangers so its weight is more evenly distributed. just in case of hanging your T-Shirts, confirm you insert the hanger from rock bottom so you’re not over-stretching the neckline.
Lastly, so as to avoid the fading of color, avoid sunlight during storage.


In case of emergency, when getting a stain on a selected spot of your T-Shirt, the primary and most vital rule is to treat the stain immediately. Natural materials like cotton or linen are great at absorbing liquids (such as wine or tomato sauce), therefore the faster you begin to urge rid of the stain the better it's to get it out of the material entirely.
Unfortunately, there's no universal detergent or stain removal product that's ideal to eliminate all types of drugs. Research has shown that the simpler a stain remover works, the more aggressive it unfortunately is also to the color of a garment. As an underlying advance, we in this way prescribe to flush the stain with warm water and consequently promote some gentle cleanser or cleanser.
For persistent stains, you'll use a billboard stain remover, but avoid stain solutions with bleach for colored cotton garments. The bleach might remove the color out of the material and leave a light-weight mark.

What about combination fabrics?

People often ask: ‘Will cotton shirts shrink, or should I buy polyester? lately, cotton is usually combined with synthetic fibers to enhance the properties of cloth-like tendency to crease. While washing and ironing these combination fabrics could seem easier to worry for, 100% cotton is far more breathable, and a well-liked choice for several living in hot climates.


Properly taking care of your cotton t-shirts takes a touch more effort than simply throwing them within the washer and dryer and forgetting about them, but doing so can assist you to keep your favorites out of the ashcan tons longer. Properly treating stains and taking care to scrub cotton clothing the proper way helps keep spots and discoloration from becoming permanent, and it can assist you to avoid losing a cotton tee to shrinkage.