Secret revealed, now look good in a T-Shirt which you purchase, The Buying Guide.

by Leo Oliy on May 27, 2020
Leoliy t-shirt buying guide
Leoliy t-shirt buying guide
Leoliy t-shirt buying guide

Secret revealed, now look good in a T-Shirt which you purchase, The Buying Guide.

T-shirt. it's been the default item of apparel for many guys & girls and there could be some funny story to tell. A T-shirt can adapt itself to any situation, be it a political rally or disco party or as a company uniform – the flexibility of a t-shirt needs not much validation. The t-shirt is the quintessential casual wardrobe staple for everyone.

The T-shirt’s versatility features a batch to try to to with its ability to outlast trends, it’s the sole piece of clothing that will be worn for any occasion, from under a jacket, with a suit, to the fitness center, romantic beautiful beach and to the bedroom.

They are true commodities:

We buy them in bulk, often from an equivalent brand, and that we don’t stop to believe them until they have to replace. But are we actually making the foremost out of our basic T-shirts? this is often not the simplest route to require. Paying careful attention to the design of your t-shirt is simply as important as the other a part of your wardrobe.

There are some factors that play into this.

Pay attention to those 5 aspects –

1. Fit
2. Color
3. Fabric
4. Style, and
5. Price.

Here's the way to look amazing in everyone's favorite piece of clothing, the T-shirt.

1. T-Shirt Fits Women agree that men are more attractive during a fitted white T-shirt. the form of your top accentuates the typically masculine silhouette of broad shoulders and narrow waist.

There are four different T-shirt fits: fitted, relaxed-fit, semi-fitted and slim.

Fitted T-Shirts – Fitted T-shirts provide a tighter profile that hugs the waist, and are available for both men and ladies.

Relaxed-Fit T-Shirts – Relaxed fit T-shirts are slightly baggier, providing comfort and stretch during a sort of style and color.

Semi-Fitted T-Shirts – Semi-fitted T-shirts are tailored in-between relaxed fit and fitted tees, with more room and breathable weave plus flattering shape.

Slim Fit T-Shirts – Slim-fit T-shirts sit close on the body, creating a sleek silhouette, and are usually worn for casual wear vs. athletics.

Here are some rules for the right fitting t-shirt:
Shoulders – The seams of the t-shirt should sit perfectly on the sting of your shoulders.

Sleeves – Fitted round the arms and not extending to your elbow. If you've got big arms, search for slightly shorter sleeves or give the sleeves a few folds to point out off your guns.

Length – Your top should be long enough for it to be tucked into your trousers, but not the goodbye that it bunches at the waist. make sure that it extends past your hip bone and covers the waistband of your pants. We’ll discuss tucking rules later during this article.

Stomach – Your favorite t-shirt should conform slightly to the curve of your body. If it's too loose, you won’t see the form of your body and if it's too tight, every detail of your stomach is going to be visible. A tapered cut that doesn’t drape your waistline is most flattering.

Neck – once you raise your arms, there shouldn’t be an enormous gap around the neck. It should also not be so tight that you simply can't move around easily.

Leoliy t-shirt buying guide

Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing. Alexander Wang

2. Color of the t-shirt
This again depends on your personal preference – and tons of other factors just like the best color combinations consistent with the color wheel and a few others as mentioned during this post on choosing the simplest color for your clothes.

Leoliy t-shirt buying guide

White – Complements all skin tones. The classic white t-shirt should be a part of your wardrobe. Remember to always wash your white clothes together. Don't mix with other colors.

Gray – a mix of various shades – gray virtually enhances your body shape. be careful with sweat marks which are easily visible on dark colors.

Black – most of the men and women love to wear this color option, this color goes well with most outfit combinations. However, the color tends to fade quickly and maybe a touch severe during the day.

Navy – a far better choice than black that's more suitable during the day and great for creating tonal looks when combined with jeans.

Other T-Shirts Colors –
A t-shirt is perhaps the simplest thanks to experimenting with colors. yellow, reds, navy blue, and brown are great for creating a pop of color under a cardigan or worn on their own. confirm the color of the t-shirt doesn’t clash together with your skin tone.

3. Fabric Quality – construction, Shrinkage, Pilling & Color fading
A t-shirt that becomes an impossibly wide, crop top after one wash – the nightmare and reality of a number of the t-shirts you purchase.

Quality isn't associated with the load of the highest. Good quality materials which are lighter to wear cost more.

Leoliy t-shirt buying guide

100% cotton is the preferable choice, especially Egyptian or Pima cotton. they're made up of long-staple fibers that last longer, look thinner, and feel lighter.

So take a glance at the material structure when buying t-shirts – The knitting should be relaxed, round in shape and not overstretched. Also if it's unevenly knit this may be a symbol of poor fabric construction. Holes may develop after a while.
Know beforehand that cotton fibers are susceptible to some shrinkage So your 100% cotton will shrink tons quite a polyester cotton blended one. If the cotton one isn't marked preshrunk, choose a bigger size.

Cotton blends also are good options. A moderate amount of elastane (stretch fibers) helps to take care of the form of your top, whereas cotton-polyester blends are available at a lower cost point and offer easy maintenance because they are creaseless.

The label on the t-shirt gives you a thought of the composition of the material wont to make the t-shirt. the foremost common options are:

Combed Cotton: a robust, soft, and smooth fabric that has been brushed fine to straighten the fibers and take away short strands.

Organic Cotton: costlier than treated cotton, this soft material springs from cotton grown with minimal pesticides and fertilizers and pesticides.

Pima: this is often the very best grade cotton with extra long fibers. This kind of fiber gets softer with each wear. Supima is that the trademarked name for American-grown Pima cotton.

Bamboo: T-shirts made up of bamboo have a soft sheen and are incredibly soft. they're breathable and slightly on the expensive side.

Merino: Probably the foremost expensive top you'll own, a 100% Merion wool T-shirt is often worn wear for a whole week before it starts to smell. the right choice for travel.

Jersey: Typically made up of cotton or an artificial blend, this stretchy knit fabric is extremely flexible and cozy.

Polyester: Light and quick-drying, but not breathable. This fabric’s shape maintains in its best shape it is wrinkle-free and sprinkles free.

Rayon: Also called viscose, rayon may be a synthetic fiber made out of the pulp. It feels smooth to the touch and wrinkles easily.

4. The way to Wear Your T-Shirt
I am talking about the aim of you wearing a specific t-shirt – though even before this, the occasion may be a consideration. you'll not usually be wearing t-shirts to formal events.

But where you're wearing one, the sort of occasion matters. a visit to the gym or playing a game of football or an evening out together with your friends – all need different considerations. For relaxing in your home this might be uncomfortable – you'll be easier during a t-shirt made from natural fibers.

For winter outings you would like an extended sleeved t-shirt or maybe one with a hoodie or maybe may layer quite one t-shirt.

Leoliy t-shirt buying guide

Crew necks are suitable for men with a little chest or sloped shoulders. they assist in creating an illusion of broader shoulders, giving your body more proportion.

Shorter men and women can wear V-neck T-shirts and they look more heightened. They give a perfect balance to men and women with long necks and narrow faces.

However, counting on the culture you're surrounded by and therefore the shape of the t-shirt and the remainder of your outfit, it's possible to rock a tucked-in tee. The tucked-in-t-shirt style works best with a short-sleeve sport shirt and tailored trousers.

Plastisol Transfers
This method is sort of almost like screen printing, with the exception that instead of transferring the dye to screens, you transfer it to plastisol and eventually to the t-shirt.

As you'll have inferred, this traditional t-shirt printing method allows us t-shirt preneurs to outsource a part of our business if we so desire.

Leoliy t-shirt buying guide

In that regard, they are available up with designs, send these designs to a printing concern that prints them on high-grade plastisol, then these companies ship the plastisol back to the t-shirt entrepreneurs.

There are companies you'll send your designs to and have them printed on the high-quality plastisol paper you would like then have them shipped to you. Once you receive them you'll apply the designs on t-shirts yourself with a heat press. Amazing. You could use an equivalent method, and once you receive the plastisol, you'll stick it on to your t-shirts employing a heat press.

5. Price
Keeping your budget in mind is important when creating personalized T-shirts, so offers a good sort of price options. This is often a really important consideration but a really personal one. you purchase what you'll afford.

Most-Affordable T-Shirts: If you’re on a decent budget, our cost-effective T-shirts offer a spread of materials, sizes, colors, and fits.

Leoliy t-shirt buying guide

Quality T-Shirts:
Leoliy online store offer higher-quality T-shirts add on special features and finer fabrics that also may fit within your budget. choose between moisture-wicking materials, tagless designs, organic options, and more!

If you’re checking out T-shirts of the very best quality, recognizable brands that impress your audience, and softest, most durable fabrics, consider the alternatives in our greatest designer T-shirt selection.